Ahoy Mateys and Welcome Ye All to Blacksand Bay!

The year is 1722 in Black Sand Bay, the thriving pirate hub located on the Eastern coast of North America. It has been one year since the infamous Captain Galavar, the elected governor of the town for decades, has died of “natural causes”. Black Sand Bay, known for its rich trade options, goods and the peace to enjoy a port that is not at war or ruled by a monarchy finds itself unclaimed and unregulated for the first time in 40 years.

Captain Amaro Pargo and his crew of Freedom’s Revenge have been campaigning for the patronage of the port against Captain Mad Morty and the salty crew of the Emerald Rose. Both captains are seeking autonomy in a neutral port where they can gain greater advantage, glory and a reputation of unparalleled renown in all the Seven Seas. See what the town thinks by the colored ribbons they wear and display in their shops, then decide for yourself which Captain you will vote for! Supporters of Captain Pargo wear purple while Captain Morty’s supporters wear green.

Join our two infamous pirate crews on July 9-10, 2022  as they seek to win your favor & support with music & shanties, entertaining battles, cannons, shenanigans and more! Food is aplenty at The Galley, and you can drink rum & grog at The Crow’s Nest Inn. Shop for all sorts of baubles & trinkets at The Market stocked for every sea-fairer in every price range. Young and old – ALL are invited to join in on the festivities of Black Sand Bay & the NW Pirate Festival! Come dressed in your BEST pirate attire for a chance to win one of our costume contests, judged by our campaigning Captains themselves!