***NOTICE*** New Updates will come in 2023!

Ahoy Mateys and Welcome Ye All to Black Sand Bay!

Entering the second decade of the 1700’s, many of the world’s most notoriously fierce pirates have gone to visit Davey Jones’ locker at the bottom of the sea, never to return. Tales of shipwreck, scurvy, the plague, and enemy forces are lamented by surviving pirates everywhere. However, the infamous pirate hub known as Black Sand Bay still manages to be a thriving port town.

Black Sand Bay is known for its rich trade options, goods, entertainment, and the peace to enjoy a port that is not at war or ruled by a monarchy. The inhabitants like to think this town is the best kept secret on the seven seas, yet more and more visitors are arriving every day.

While the locals have been fighting amongst themselves about who should govern the port, the town has run completely out of some of their most important supplies.

King George II of Great Britain and his wife Queen Caroline have made a glorious arrival, offering barrels of grog, rum, and the promise of a better life to those who will abandon their path of disgrace to join the honorable Royal Navy. Of course, the townsfolk and pirates of Black Sand Bay are outraged at this intrusion, but they must be gracious hosts to guests bearing such sought after gifts.

Will you choose the life of a scallywag and join the pirates? Or can you be swayed by the promises of comfort and glory by the Royal Navy? Decide for yourself on July 9-10, 2022 and see what each side will present to win your favor & support with music, shanties, battles, cannons, shenanigans and more! Food is aplenty at The Galley, and you can drink rum & grog at The Crow’s Nest Inn (courtesy of the visiting monarchs). Shop for all sorts of baubles & trinkets at The Market stocked for every sea-fairer in every price range. Young and old – ALL are invited to join in on the festivities of Black Sand Bay & the NW Pirate Festival! Come dressed in your BEST pirate attire and join in the nautical fun!