Ye have an important decision to make! Will ye be joining up with a pirate crew and support a Captain of your choice? Or will ye take the Letter of Marque from the King & Queen to sail the seas as a privateer?

Captain Amaro Pargo governs the town of Black Sand Bay, and his crew of the Freedom’s Revenge hold the greatest deference in the port. They are represented by the PURPLE ribbons.

Captain Mad Morty and the crew of the Emerald Rose hold all the black powder and the largest artillery in the port. They are represented by the GREEN ribbons.

King George II and Queen Caroline are granting Letters of Marque, offering permission and freedom from intervention to sail the seas and plunder from enemy ships. They are represented by the RED ribbons.

Choose wisely, as once ye wear a ribbon of one color, leaders of the other parties will do everything they can to change your mind!